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Iulian Filipov

Dr. Iulian Filipov

Maxillofacial surgeon. Member of DGOI (Deutche Gesellshaft für Orale Implantologie). Member of ICOI. Author of several scientific publications in the fields of Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology

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Irina Otelea

Dr. Irina Otelea

Dental prosthesis specialist with extensive experience in aesthetics dentistry. Dr. Otelea graduated "Carol Davila" UMF in 2009 and completed the Prosthetics Residency program in 2012.

cristina savencu

Dr. Cristina Savencu

Oral surgeon. Completed the Oral surgery Residency program in 2011. Assistant professor in Prosthetic technology since 2014 at "Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy. PHD student.

Alexandru Spinu

Dr. Alexandru Spinu

Oral surgery and implantology specialist. Member of MINEC Romania. Participated actively at congresses and courses on surgery and implant treatment.

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Andrei Constantinovici

Dr. Andrei Constantinovici

Dental Prosthesis specialist. University assistant of dental prosthetics discipline, UMF Carol Davila. Member of MINEC Romania. PhD Student.

Cristina Berechet

Dr. Cristina Berechet

Periodontology Specialist, dentist. Member of MINEC Romania. Product manager at Megagen Dental Implant Romania. PHD in medical science dentistry oral implantology.

Cristian Rotaru

Dr. Cristian Rotaru

Oro-maxilo-facial specialist. Member of Megagen International Network of Education and Clinical Research Romania. Participated actively at congresses and courses in the country and abroad.

Corina Christache

Dr. Corina Cristache

Oro-maxilo-facial specialist, Implantology specialist and Ph.D. Senior Lecturer at “Carol Davila” University, Faculty of Midwifery and Medical Assisting. Author and co-author of 8 speciality books and divers papers.

Mircea Baldea

Dr. Mircea Baldea

Maxillofacial surgeon. Active member of MINEC Romania. Co-author of a speciality book and divers papers. Active participant to congresses and courses in the fields of Implantology.