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MegaGen International Network of Education & Clinical research
The MINEC is a non-profit organization founded in Korea in 2002 following on the recommendations made by an international group of clinicians and research workers. It was formed as an international, interdisciplinary and independent science based forum for all professionals interested in implant dentistry.

MINEC achieves this through:
—  Promoting the international exchange of information through networking of clinicians and scientists within implant dentistry.
— Initiating, promoting and publishing research within implant dentistry.

Vision. MINEC aims to improve the quality of patient care by bridging the gap between science and clinical practice as the leading association within the field of implant dentistry from all over the world.

Why does MegaGen want MINEC?
— Create a Network of Clinicians to support MegaGen Clinical claims
— Development of Research Projects
— Development of Clinical Studies
— Accumulation of Clinical papers & case studies
— Lecturers availability for International groups
— Mentoring for new MegaGen clients

MINEC Objectives
— To create a network of like-minded professionals who have the same end in sight
— To spread knowledge about implant surgery & implant restorative techniques
— To encourage evidence-based studies for improved clinical practice
— To encourage the professional growth of all dental implant surgeons
— To improve the service & care that is offered to patients

Why join MINEC?
— Become part of a Global Network of like-minded clinicians
— Access to Study Groups with local & international speakers
— Chance to participate in high-level Research Projects
— Chance to develop your own Clinical Studies
—  Chance to attend MINEC or MegaGen Events  – local & international – at discounted rates
— Open a window to share your own clinical cases, to get mentored on techniques & to learn